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Trade school vs. college: Choosing the right path

(NBC News) If recent history holds, nearly the same number of graduates this year will head to a trade school instead of college.

The sweet spot on free college: Why 14 is the new 12

March 4, 2019 at 7:00 AM By Anthony P. Carnevale - Not everyone needs a college degree, but a high school diploma isn’t enough these days, either.

Automation, Amazon go, and the Future of Education

September 17th (2018) was a long long-awaited day: Chicago is only the second city in the U.S. to get an Amazon go store, and last Monday was my (Eric Patnoudes) first experience with this high tech grocery shopping experience. I wanted to share a bit about my visit, and also draw some parallels I noticed with education.

5 things to know about the future of jobs

The future of work is increasingly becoming today’s reality for millions of workers and companies around the world. The findings of our latest Future of Jobs Report look at the trends expected in the 2018-2022 period in 20 economies and 12 industry sectors. Here is what you need to know to be ready. (Sept 2018)

3 reasons that career and technical education doesn’t preclude college

“At the end of the day, career and technical education is about preparing learners for the careers of their choice and supporting them on whatever paths they may take to get there. Our language shouldn’t get in the way of that goal.”

Integrating CTE into Advance Placement classes!

“There’s still a lot of stigma around CTE for both schools and families,” said Gilda Wheeler, program director of Washington STEM, a nonprofit that advocates for equality in STEM education across the state. “‘It’s for the poor kids … who aren’t going to succeed in college.’ But giving any kid real-world experience during high school where they’re tackling actual industry challenges gives them access to career pathways, not dead-end jobs.”

College is the Means, Career is the End

An argument for requiring all students to develop the professional skills for the workplace