Metal Fabrication, Design Engineering, Machine ToolDelta Junior College February 26, 2020
Business, Culinary, Entrepreneurship Columbia Junior College February 19, 2020
Engineering & Maintenance CareersModesto Junior College January 2020
Ag, Fire & Forestry CTE TalkColumbia College Fire Program, CHIPS Forestry Careers. Sept 2019
Medical CTE TalkDr. Andy McCoy, Surgeon and Nurse Katherine McCoy speak to students and Calaveras High and Bret Harte High about careers in the medical field. Sept 2019
Video #6Speakers: Kathryn McCoy, Chief Nursing Executive & Lonnie Smith, Chief Medical Officer - Dignity HealthTitle: Health and Medical CareersStudent information session on careers in the Health Sector. January 30, 2019 at the Bret Harte Theater (61 Min)
Podcast #5Speaker: Nick JonesTitle: Career Technical Education a Employers PerspectiveNick Jones, President of Ford Construction Company is interviewed in this podcast. Nick has over 20 years of experience in the heavy construction business. Ford Construction’s focus is on building roads and airports, wetland restoration, underground pipeline installation, dam, and levee maintenance as well as other heavy construction projects.In this interview, Nick offers an employers perspective. Nick describes the types of career opportunities available with his company, the education needed and the efforts Ford Construction is making to build a highly skilled workforce. (11 Min)
Podcast #4Speaker: Donna WyattTitle: Why Career Technical Education is emphasized across the stateDonna Wyatt, Career and College Transitions Director for the California Department of Education is interviewed in this podcast. Donna has 25 years experience teaching, developing and leading Career Technical Education Programs. In the interview, Donna discusses why Career Technical Education is being emphasized across the state and why its such an important option for students and parents to understand. (14 Min)
Podcast #3Speaker: Austin EstesTitle: What is Career Technical Education?Austin Estes is interviewed in this Podcast. Mr. Estes is Senior Policy Associate for Advance Career Technical Education, located in Silver Springs Maryland. Advance CTE disseminates information to high schools, universities and education policymakers on Career Technical Education. In this podcast, Austin talks about some of the key components to a quality CTE program, the role that parents play at home and in their local school district and sites some examples of exemplary Career Technical Education programs. (23 Min)
Podcast #2Speaker: Paul FainTitle: Career Technical Education and the College DegreePaul Fain is interviewed in this Podcast. Mr. Fain is the News Editor for Inside Higher Education located in Washington, DC. and a very well respected award-winning journalist, that has written for numerous newspapers including the New York Times. Mr. Fain has written extensively on Career Technical Education and needed changes at the college level. In this podcast, Mr. Fain shares why Career Technical Education is an important option for students and parents to consider. An important question answered, is what impact does Career Technical Education have on college choice? (24 Min)